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Robert Garrera ,  Spain


oprintjet reviews slovent printer


I was fed up with changing and repairing my old printer then my pal recommended me to visit oprintjet.com for the best. The features of the printer have made me surprised. This is one of the printers I was looking for. I have immediately given a call to the support center and immediately I get my UV printer A3 at my home. The company has promptly provided the services. With this printer, I can directly print on dark color materials. Another useful feature is that I can print directly on various materials. It is compatible with common software. This printer is very flexible to use. If anybody wants to take the suggestion that which printer to purchase then I will suggest UV Printer A3 from the company Oprintjet. Incredible faster delivery of my printer has made me happy. So it is highly recommended to take printers from here. Great job.

Raoul DuVal, France




I started my business of printing t-shirt with a non-brand T-shirt Printer two years ago. My business was going good. I could manage to make lots of customers. After using for three months, the printing images were not as colorful as before. All pictures on t-shirts were faded. I was frustrated that whether I can be able to retain my customers or not. Then my friend suggested me to visit oprintjet.com. I have visited the site, and I was delighted that I have got my printer that I was looking for. So I have purchased DTG Flatbed T-shirt printer for my business. This printer is high-tech digital printing equipment. Therefore, besides printing t-shirts, I am thinking to plastic and glass printing. Thus, this printer is benefiting me in multiple ways. I will recommend everyone to have such printer so that you can do business that will benefit you. I am satisfied.

Nicolas ,  Mexico


I was thinking to operate a new business on selling of different types of handy products like- glass, metal, ceiling, etc. To do this, I need a printer for printing images. Therefore, one of my uncles has suggested me to visit oprintjet.com. I was shocked and happy that I needed this printer for my business. I have purchased UV Printer A2+. This printer has a printed material, and I can print my desired wood, door, carpet, tile, glass, etc. with high-quality image and color quality. Once I started my business with my new printer, my business is running very fast. I am getting many new customers. UV Printer A2 is very flexible and easy to use. In addition to this, the company’s services are very fast. When I have given the order for my printer, they deliver it in very short period. This printer is highly recommended. Great services from the company as well as from the product itself.

Alexandro Vemo, Brazil 




I am running a business printed t-shirts. When my business was in peak my printer becomes damaged and was not working properly. Many new customers are demanding for my t-shirts. I was blank that what has to be done. Then my friends have suggested me to take DTG Flatbed Printer A3. Their services were so fast that was beyond my belief. I was so surprised and delighted. The printer was incredibly good due to high picture quality. Through this printer, I can directly print delicate pictures on my t-shirts of different colors. The printer offers the images with colorful, waterproof, sun proof, etc. The printer is user-friendly as you can operate like a normal printer. There I can provide quality t-shirts to my customers without facing problem. I am satisfied with the printer, and I will recommend everyone to try this printer if someone wants to do business like me.

Vishanna Vadul, Visalia Ca


I had “googled” to find blank shirts for our ladies’ ministry and Oprintjet came up. It was easy to locate the items that I thought our ladies would be interested in and after approval, I ordered two samples. The website was easy to use, the ordering process was easy to use and I am very excited about placing our larger order soon.

Margaret From Deatsville, AL




As we all know, the profession of photographer is not an easy job to do, despite what most of the people believe. There are many things that a photographer must do. The most important part of his job though is to print the photos and deliver them to the clients. Although I do print my photos on canvas. That is what makes my work so special. In order to do that though you need a really good printer. So when my old printer started having problems (like do not using all the colors in the printing, print crappy images) I decided I had to replace it. So, by luck, one day, while I was surfing the net I found that lovely site oprintjet.com and there was just the right printer for me! UV Printer A2+. It was a miracle. Perfect image, quality and speed! It is just what someone like me is probably looking! There is nothing else you will be asking for a printer after you try that model! I suggest it to you undoubtedly!

Barcuh, Netherlands



For many years now I run a small business that collaborates with rock and metal bands. The thing that I have to do, in order to live is to create any kind of thing from phone cases to leather gloves with the logo of the band that gave the order. This is happening of course for promote reasons and so, the band to become more famous. When I received the first complains, I decided to act immediately. I had just closed one big deal that I should not miss, because of the colors that were not so clear on the dark colors, that mainly that kind of bands prefer for their items. So a friend of mine suggest me to buy one printer from oprintjet. I was in a really hurry so, I bought my beloved printer. UV printer A3+ was just created for me. I am really grateful that happened to find that printer. Just imagine that since then my earnings have increased. The ability of this printer to print perfect on dark colors is amazing. Thank you.

Marco Rodrigez, Mexico



I was looking for quite some time, for a good printer. I was a bit disappointed, because I could not find the exact thing that I wanted. A micro printer which can provide a good quality within a small frame of time. It happened to find all of the above in the miracle web site the oprintjet. It happened to find the site one day that I was looking for a printer to buy for my business. A4 Solvet Flatbed printer R230 was just the one for me. I bought it right in the time that saw it. I am really excited and satisfied with the work that it provides. The quality is really good as well as any color. It is one of a million product that anyone that prints items should own. I guarantee that you will have a really good result and of course the orders will be more and more at the times passage.

 Micheal Yin,  East Windsor, NJ




I own a family business that produces, paintings for home decoration in canvas. The field that I am running is actually very demanding as in order to be able to have a good and stable income the paintings that you produce must be extraordinary, as there are many companies that do that nowadays. In order to be preferred you have to possess something special. That all A3 + Solvent Printer S1800 gave me all that. With the extraordinary quality of the colors that provides on the canvas, the images is like they are a physical view into the wall. My orders were immediately increased by the time Ii bought that printer. The living colors is something really catchy and beautiful in the same time. It is a fact that, this specific printer totally saved me. Thank you all in “oprintjet” for providing me such a good product. I am grateful.

Vanessa Woldwright, Fresno, CA




My business is making prints on t-shirts mainly. Along with other things of course but that is the main source of our income. The print must be resisting the sunlight and have a resistance in general to the washing and any kind of thing that a cloth can get through. So, you have to find a very good and fast printer in order to do that. Which I have to say, that I finally found after many weeks of searching. The most of the printers that I viewed, were far too expensive, without provided anything special at the time speaking. When I found DTG Flatbed T-shirt Printer A2 Full Package I obviously could not believe in my eyes. I was really excited and surprised at the same time. You can of course imagine my surprise when I find out that I could print almost everything with that printer! It was a total miracle! The quality perfect and the colors were not fading, were water and sun resistant! Can you even believe that?

Brenda Milkinks , Portland Oregon





I put in orders quick and easily at oprintjet.com website that I found makes buying shirts, easy, fun, safe, and fast. I recieve an Order Confirmation Email with Delivery Tracking Number almost immediately after my order is placed that tells me important information like exactly what was ordered and when my orders will arrive. I have always recieved my orders in just 2 Business days. Recieving Inventory could not be easier the way the shirts are layered in the box that match the way they are listed on the invoice. Thank You Everyone At Oprintjet for making our business a better place to be.

Robert from Superior, WI 


I was very pleased with the accuracy and speed of my t-shirt order.

Chris from Gore, OK