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Mom makes Money Selling Her Designer T-Shirts and Youth Apparel with a Garment printer machine from Home


Moms everywhere are making money and they’re doing it one shirt and one amazing idea at a time. Just how are they making so much money and what tips can you learn from them so you can generate a profit too? With two easy steps, buying a Garment printer machine (DTG printing machine) and displaying their t-shirt, hat and accessory designs on websites like Ebay and Pinterest. Now we’re going to share a few secrets with you that not everyone knows, so don’t be shocked when you read just how simple it is to truly make a ton of money online with your new DTG printing machine.

Ladies apparel: One of the smartest things that moms everywhere know is that women like to shop, but not everyone can afford top designer clothes or the colorful t-shirts they see their friends and neighbors wearing. New t-shirts can be costly and really dig deep into your wallet when you consider we shop for new clothes usually twice a year, but for moms everywhere, they’ve taken ladies apparel shopping to a new level. Go onto Ebay the next time you get a chance and in the search section just type in designer t-shirt or ladies apparel and you will see thousands of images they’re creating with a DTG printing machine. How is this possible? They learned it online from other companies. That same search that you put in for designer t-shirts or ladies apparel will show you that you can order t-shirts in bulk from China and they will likely arrive in about a month or two once they go through customs, but why wait when you can create your own and that’s how the trend started. Next we’ll look at another big money maker, youth apparel.

Youth Apparel: Not every mom has the extra money to spend on Garanimals t-shirts and fabrics, but they want their kids to look trendy just like the other kids. The problem? Kids grow so fast, they outgrow their clothes quickly. The solution? Buy bulk youth apparel like t-shirts and pajamas and create your own designs with your Garment printer machine (DTG printing machine) . Not only can you create all their clothes, but you can start your own clothing line and sell everything from t-shirts and hats, to pajamas and sweatshirts. You can also decide on the themes for your clothing line for youth apparel: Giraffes, turtles, cars, butterflies, etc. The sky is the limit as are the colors and all it takes is a simple decision to buy a DTG t-shirt or flatbed printer and start making money.

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