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Cheap DTG Printer good for your T-shirt business

Business Ideas 101: Turn Blank Athletic Apparel into Millions with Cheap DTG Printer

One good point that we would like to point out to you about using your DTG printing machine is it is cost effective and you can write this piece of equipment off each year. While it will depreciate over time like any other piece of equipment you buy for your business, or any other printer that you buy, by buying a Cheap DTG Printer from oprintjet  you can offset the cost with what you save in buying bulk and blank accessories and shirts that will sell themselves.

Another great tip: you save money when you buy your t-shirts blank and in bulk lots. Because you are making and creating individual investments, you want to see your business as every t-shirt and accessory being branding for your company. By buying in bulk, you’re saving in costs for larger quantities. If you are creating your own designs, you can also take this into consideration when creating graphic design images to use on your shirts, hats and youth apparel accessories, i.e., you can sell in bulk lots. The advantage here is that you’re not wasting the time creating a great design that will only be used on one shirt or one hat, but you can set your prices to indicate that a minimum of 10 per order has to be spent and then price your shirts accordingly . This ensures that the cost you paid for your shirts is covered and if say for example you sell your polo shirts for $10 each with a minimum of 10 per order, that’s a minimum of $100 that you’re taking in with every order. This is not uncommon because keep in mind your target audience will be teams, sports groups and companies that are selling their image branding products so their shirts, hats and other accessories will need to be the same. 10 per order won’t matter if they’re distributing hats and t-shirts to a company of 3,000 employees! Just ensure that when you purchase your bulk shirts and blank t-shirts that you have enough in stock to fulfill their orders and can order more if you need to. One of the worst mistakes t-shirt designers make is they buy out a lot and run out of a particular style so they substitute a shirt that’s a noticeably lesser quality and this will ultimately affect sales.


Keep these pointers in mind when you start selling shirts you make with your Cheap DTG Printer and you can’t go wrong!

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